Do you want to learn what is forex trading and how to earn money online from forex trading? If yes, then you are at right place and this forex trading course is for you. Here is complete course for forex trading for beginners and after the completion of this course you can become professional with good practice. This Advance course is free for everyone to learn that how you can earn money from forex trading. In this course you will learn all from basics to advance and how to choose best forex broker for trading.

Here is complete course to learn Forex trading in detail and with examples so you can understand comprehensively. If you want to become expert in forex business we will recommend you to learn fully about forex trading and practice on demo account before investing your real money.

Step 1 – Introduction To Forex Trading Course

Step 2 – About Forex Brokers

Step 3 – Basic Market Analysis

  • Type of Analysis in Forex Trading and Which Type is Best For Trading
  • What is Support And Resistance and How to Draw Trend Lines and Channels
  • What are Japanese candlestick Patterns and How to Use in Forex Trading Analysis
  • How to Use Fibonacci Tool, Moving Averages and Useful Indicators
  • What are Secondary Indicators and How to Use in Forex Trading

Step 4 – Advance Analysis – Chart Pattern Breakout

  • Learn About: Double Top, Double Bottom & Head and Shoulders
  • Learn About: Wedge Chart Patterns and Rectangle Chart Patterns
  • Learn About: Bearish and Bullish Pennants & Triangle Chart Patterns
  • What is Pivot Point, How to Calculate and Use for Range Trading
  • What are Harmonic Chart Patterns and How to Use in Forex Market
  • Types of Divergence in Forex Trading and Its Rules For Trading

Step 5 – Market Environments

  • What is trend Market, Range-Bound Market and Reversal confirmation
  • What are Breakouts and Fake-outs & How to Trade on Breakout

Step 6 – Professional Learning: Fundamental Analysis

  • What is Fundamental Analysis, How Interest Rate and Monetary Policy Affect on Market
  • Some Fundamental Factors That Affect on Forex Market
  • How to Find Market Data and Forex News
  • Brief Learning About Currency Cross Pairs in Forex Trading
  • What is Best Time Frame For Trading and How to Analyse Using Different TF

Step 7 – Professional: Trading Essentials

  • Create Your Trading plan and Goals Before Starting Forex Trading
  • How to Use Risk/Reward Ration and Money Management in Forex
  • Which Type of Trader Are You and Create Your Own Trading System

Why Trust on EMAC Forex

As CEO and founder of ‘EMAC forex’, I’ve more than 10 years experience in forex trading with well reputed track record. I’m developing and sharing winning strategies for free to get success in forex world. I’m sharing my experience and passion to train people in forex Trading to earn money like pro traders. You also can join our social media channels like: Youtube, Facebook, Telegram and Whatsapp groups to get free forex signals, free education and other latest updates.

Risk Disclaimer

Option, future and foreign exchange trading may be a high reward but it may be highly risky. If you don’t have good experience and expertise in trading don’t invest your real money that you can’t afford as a loss.

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