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How to Earn in Forex Trading Without Investment


We know that to earn profit from forex trading we need big investment. But in this article we’ll share 8 (eight) ways of earning from forex without any investment by using your experience and skills. In forex market we exchange one currency with another and for this we need currency or investment to start exchange.

To earn through forex trading without investment is reality and possible. For this you will spend and use your time, experience and energy.

Earn Through Forex Trading Without Investment

First of all you should keep in mind that to earn high profit there is need of high investment but. But here we discussed different ways of earning through forex trading and there is no need of investment. To make it reality you should be expert in trading and develop trading skills.

Here are the ways of earning through forex without investment.

Join Affiliate Programs

Participating in affiliate programs is a popular way of earning money in forex market without investing capital. In this way you can get partner of broker and refer other traders to your broker, for this broker will pay you in form of commission. Commission might be vary or fix on per lot traded by your referral.

If you are referring people to specific broker then you should choose best forex broker who have good reputation and security so other traders can take benefits as well as you. To increase your income or commission you also can advertise your referral link through social media and other platforms.

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PAMM Accounts

PAMM accounts are the source of trust between professional trader and investor. Many investors are ready to pay specific percentage of their profit to experienced traders through PAMM accounts. PAMM accounts are registered with best forex broker through agreement in which broker distribute profit to investor and trader according to their percentage. Using PAMM account investor knows that a trader can’t scam with him so they can work with trust on behalf of broker.

Copy Trading or Social Trading

One more highly recommended method of earning without investment is ‘copy trading or social trading’. There are many platforms that allow you copy trading function for your clients. You can link your trading accounts with social platforms to build your portfolio and trading history. If your trading record is good you can catch many clients and you can charge monthly subscription fee in return of your service.

You also can use copy trading software to connect your clients with your trading account for copy purpose. There are many free and paid copy trades software available on internet.

Professional Signal Service

If you are professional in analyzing the market you can sell your analysis and trading signals. You can create your website to sell signals or you also can use social media platforms to get clients.

Tip: You can share 2 to 3 signal a week in social media groups that are related to forex trading to show your live results. Using this trick you can get more followers and client for paid signals.

Successful Trading Strategy

Most methods of earning fom forex without investment are for professionals. If you have any good strategy that works well and give highly winning trades then you can sell your strategy to other traders. You can show your live results to others using investor password to built client’s trust.

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Trade With Signup Bonus

Newbie traders can also use this method to earn form forex without investment. To start trading you will need to open account with broker who offers signup bonus. When you open account, broker will deposit some balance in your trading account as a signup bonus. You can trade using this bonus and earn profit, you can withdraw your profit that you earned using bonus amount according to your broker’s terms and conditions.

Participate in Contests

Many forex brokers offer forex traders to participate in their contest that they organize. Traders need to register their account for contest participation and follow the conditions of broker to fulfill requirements. Broker will deposit amount in your demo account and you will trade to win this contest.

Broker distributes cash prizes to winners of contest according to their winning positions. This cash is deposited into your real trading account that you can withdraw or use for real trading.

Blog Posting

This earning method is also can be used by new traders to start without investment and there is no specific skill required for this. You will post message on forum and they will pay you but your message or comment should be informative and related to subject. You can post reviews for forex brokers and they pay good amount for reviews.

There are many ways of earning money online through forex trading without any investment but you have to choose best ways that suit’s you based on your trading experience and skills.

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