How to Make 20 Pip a Day with Daily Pivot Indicator

Daily Pivot Indicator makes you able to make 20 pip daily without any risk that is 100 pips in a week. And if you successfully follow the strategy then you can get success in forex world and you can become millionaire with forex trading. Read this full article to know, how you can make 20

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Three Best mt4 Indicators Free for Forex Trading

Here are three best mt4 indicators that you can download for free. These indicators will help you to find out entry and exit levels for trade and also indicate the trend of market. We can say these indicators help to find future direction of market prices. These custom indicators are a

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What is Position/Lot Size Calculator – How to Use it

Lot size calculator is free tool that use to calculate the position size to place trade. This tool helps trader’s to manage risk while trading in forex market. You need to enter variable input values to get best lot size to enter in trade. It’s more important for you to know the best p

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